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Whitton Farms laid the foundation for Trolley Stop Market to exist! Many a day working dawn til dusk, pinching pennies, and selling goods grown at The Memphis Farmers Market allowed the Forrester's dream of owning a farm to table restaurant to be realized.


We will be the first to state that everything we serve is not locally sourced. Sugar cannot be grown in this region, along with many other products, but we do our very best to work with local farmers, artisans, and local businesses to ensure we stay true to our roots.  In addition to the food we serve, we have a terrific selection of locally made products lining the shelves at Trolley Stop, as well as locally brewed beer on tap everyday! 

With  over 16 years experience farming specialty crops in the scenic Arkansas Delta, Keith and Jill Forrester, owners of Whitton Farms and Trolley Stop Market, welcome you to their farm to fork restaurant in Memphis, TN.  Trolley Stop Market was planted on June 1, 2010, and is still growing strong almost nine years later! 


Our team at Trolley takes great pride in giving our customers a pleasurable dining experience, as well as sourcing goods from local farmers like: Claybrook Farms, Lake's Catfish, McKaskle Family Farms, Jones Orchard, to name a few.  Of course, Trolley Stop is fortunate to have its very own farm located in Whitton, Arkansas which is tended to by Keith and Jill Forrester along with Bryan Dennis. 

Trolley Stop Market is a soulful restaurant with hot lunch plates, pizza pies, crisp salads, wraps, sandwiches, sizzling burgers, and a host of unique items to shop from! 

Our entire team welcomes you to dine with us today! 



We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source many of our ingredients from local farmers, and make our food from scratch!

  • Each day our pizza dough is made from scratch
  • All entrees are made fresh to order
  • Whitton Farms grows produce specifically for Trolley Stop's kitchen
  • All ground beef comes from Claybrook Farms from Covington TN
  • We also work with Jones Orchard, Lake's Catfish, Wolf River Honey, McKaskle Family Farm, Fraser Farm, Mike's Produce, Ripley Produce, Matthews Sweet Potato Farm, and more!


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture! Why should you join?


  1. It's an opportunity for the farmer to get to know the people they grow food for. 
  2. Better cash flow for farms as they plan for a new season. Early payments from shareholders means enough money to buy seeds, farm supplies, and plan for labor expenses at the start of the season.
  3. When farmers can identify their market before the beginning of the season, they can plan the use of their resources more efficiently, which means less waste of money and of crop.
  4. A better market for growing a greater variety of produce, most importantly heirloom varieties. 
  5. Eliminating the middle-man in the packaging, transportation, and selling of produce. This means more profit ends up in the growers pocket, which they can then reinvest in their business.
  6. No groundwater pollution from heavy applications of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which ensures better drinking water for us and future generations.
  7. Management of healthy nutrient cycling of the soil by maintaining the balance of things like nitrogen, phosphorous, and methane. This means the soil remains productive for this generation and those to follow.
  8. Feeding your family nutrient dense, naturally grown produce. 
  9. The privilege of eating vibrant, just-harvested produce. If you’re a part of a CSA, say goodbye to wilted greens and tasteless tomatoes. Your produce will be harvested when it’s ripe and, in most cases, find its way into your kitchen within a day of being picked. This means better flavor and more nutrient-rich produce. 
  10. Access to heirlooms and more unusual produce varieties, and the fun that comes with trying new things! 
  11. The ability to get to know your farmers and develop a relationship of trust with those that nourish your family. 
  12. Creating for yourself and the next generation a relationship with the earth, outside of structured parks and playgrounds, is good for cognitive development and happiness. 

What to consider before you join a CSA! Visit www.whittonfarms.com to learn more about our farm!

1. You should enjoy preparing meals from scratch and experimenting with produce you might not have tried before. Roasting, juicing, and making casseroles are fun and easy ways to enjoy your veggie CSA.

2. You cannot pick what will end up in your sack each week. It's a grab bag of produce and herbs, a surprise if you will. Now, if you have an allergy issue, we will most definitely take note. We'll be happy to replace the item with something you will enjoy, but we must know of the issue prior to the first week of CSA pick up. 

3.  If you miss your CSA pick up and do not contact us, we will donate your sack to a farmers market volunteer, or glean the produce to a local organization. If you are able to contact us prior to missing your pick up date, we are happy to extend your CSA by one week, or double up the following week. At the end of the day, we want you to receive your CSA goodies! 

Thank you for taking time to  learn a bit more about the Whitton Farms CSA! We hope to be your farmers for the 2019 growing season!


Keith & Jill Forrester

Whitton Farms delivers CSA Sacks to Trolley Stop Market beginning 4/2/2019

Want to purchase a  WHITTON FARMS CSA? Visit our ONLINE STORE! 


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